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Les Supremes

Our Commitments


The Carte d’Or brand reflects the strong heritage of serving high quality ingredients and unlocking the best dessert experience. At the same time, we are also committed to reducing our impact on the environment by working on the sustainability of our packaging – either by reducing the plastic usage in our packs or using better plastic or other non-plastic materials which have a better impact in the environment.

Our ambitious goal is that by 2025 our beautiful packages will be fully recyclable.

Carte D'or Vanilla ice cream

We need your help on this journey. As a first step, our packaging now features a “Please Recycle” logo to encourage everyone to recycle and do their bit for the environment. Our plastic packs are made of PP material – a type of plastic which is recyclable in UK.

packaging Is it collected? Is it recycled How to dispose of it
Tubs & lids Yes Yes Check your local municipality website
Tamper proof Yes No Mixed waste bin