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we believe in (dairy-free) ice cream for all!

We believe in alternative dietary choices that are show-stoppers not just “substitutes”. Plant-based, dairy-free, ice cream that tastes sensational is not something to hide! To us, the world is a better place when everyone can enjoy super-smooth, great tasting ice cream.


our story



Ice cream for all. It’s a belief we’ve kept close to our hearts, from the very start. Plant-based ice cream, that’s dairy free, vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free means we all get to scream for ice cream. Our Nordic roots mean we love life’s simple pleasures, which is why we offer straightforward, cut-to-the-taste flavours. So, whether you’re giving this vegan-thing a go, or you deal with dietary restrictions, daily; discover the JOY of Swedish glace ice cream today. 

Our Story


At the beginning, it was all Tofu. Yip, our Swedish Founder returned home from the United States of ‘Merica where soy was being used for all sorts! Our pioneering inventors first produced Tofu Chilli and burgers. What can we say, curiosity is in our nature.

swedish glace vanilla
swedish glace vanilla


Then came Scandinavia’s first soy-based ice cream – us! Well, back then we were known as ‘Tofu-Line Glass’. Despite the name change, we’ve kept the same octagonal tub ever since.


Hello UK! We gifted this green and pleasant land with our chocolate and vanilla soy ice cream, which was as tasty way back then as it is now.

swedish glace vanilla
swedish glace vanilla


We joined the Unilever family and ever since we’ve been appearing in more freezers around the UK bringing delicious dairy-free ice cream to all the Brits who need it!


We always knew we were onto a winner with our vegan-friendly ice cream. And it became official when our signature smooth vanilla flavour earned us a Peta Vegan Food Award!

vegan food
swedish glace vanilla


Our tubs we’re a huge hit. So much so, we brought out sticks and cones so that everyone could enjoy Swedish Glace ice cream anywhere.


Cue a new look. With our new updated design, we can’t wait to welcome even more ice-cream lovers to the wonderful world of velvety, vegan ice cream. Yay!

swedish glace vanilla